LawPoint's online Customs modules

LawPoint’s online modules provide modern UI, enabling convenient, faster and focussed content navigation, searching and filtering

Tree navigaton

Content is organized in collapsible folder structure. Navigate to the desired PCT heading or legal provision without a hassle by clicking on the topic title

Keywords index

AI-extracted keywords, concepts and product descriptions. View index entries in relation to textual occurrences by clicking on displayed co-relations

Definitions glossary

Statutory definitions bank compiled from Customs Rules, and Tariff Section and Chapter Notes. Direct navigation to 'meaning' page on clicking a term

Search as you type

The contents, index and glossary tabs are superimposed with search bars. Auto-complete and filter out as you type a word or PCT heading

Search engine

Auto-complete title search suggestions, and free keyword search matched by cascading high-volume search results in descending order

Featured search results

AI-based search engine matches the search term with the best match in tariff notifications and displays the featured result on top of the page

LAWPOINT Community

A new digital experience to help you navigate the
tariff and allied laws

LawPoint’s content navigation experience is unmatched in comparison to the contemporary print resources

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