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LawPoint publishes premium digital modules on key fiscal, corporate and regulatory laws administered by FBR, Pakistan Customs, PSW, SECP & SBP through its modern AI-powered publishing platform

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LawPoint marks transition from paper to online digital modules

LawPoint provides unmatched navigation speed through its simple and powerful web-based modules. Each module comes with the contents, index and glossary tabs. The contents tab provides quick access to a topic, while the index tab displays alphabetical listing of keywords and concepts extracted from the contents. The glossary tab features statutory terms and meanings. Searchable contents with segmented information blocks, side-by-side alphabetical keywords index, AI-based contextual corelations, in-page referential hotspots to access core or interpretative information, and a robust search engine - provide for fast, focussed and intuitive content exploration.

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Tree navigaton

Content is organized in easy-to-explore tree structure. Navigate to the desired PCT heading or legal provision without any hassle by clicking on its title

Keywords index

AI-based index of keywords, concepts and product descriptions. View alphabetical entries and corresponding textual occurrences by clicking on displayed co-relations

Definitions glossary

Statutory definitions compiled from Customs Rules as well as Tariff and Chapter Notes of HS 2022. Navigate directly to the 'meaning' page by on clicking on any term

Search as you type

Filter out results in the contents, index and glossary tabs through the search bars. View occurrences of searched words across the module

Search engine

Auto-complete words in the search bar on the main page, and view cascading search results from all sections of a module

Featured search results

AI-based search algorithm retrieves the best matches from the contents of a module, while displaying the most relevant result on top

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