SRO 1908(I)/2022 DATED 12-10-2022

Cross-stuffing in Afghan transit cargo allowed

At Quick glance

FBR amends Chapter XXI of the Customs Rules, 2001, to allow for cross-stuffing of Afghan transt cargo at Pakistani ports. This means that Afghan transit goods can now be transferred from one container to another container or mode of transportation which is approved for TIR operations, at an off-dock terminal. This also includes transfer of bulk or non-containerized reverse transit cargo into open trucks of approved transport operators at land border stations.

Cross-stuffing of containerized cargo under Afghan transit trade has been allowed through amendment of Chapter XXI of the Customs Rules, 2001 allowed at the seaport terminal where cargo arrives and at any approved off-dock terminal. The main features of this new transit trade facilitation are as under:

  • The option for cross-stuffing is now avaialble in the Customs Computerized System (CCS). On filing the Goods Declaration, the trader or his representative opt for cross-stuffing of transit cargo by declaring the name of the seaport terminal or the off-dock terminal where the cross-stuffing operation is intended to take place, the marks and numbers of the new or empty containers, as well as particulars of the bonded carrier and the Customs clearing agent.
  • Cross-stuffing shall take place under Customs supervision whereby cargo will be cross-stuffed from one container to another container of the same size i.e., 20 feet into 20 feet and 40 feet into 40 feet.
  • Cross-stuffing will also be allowed into boxed vehicles approved for transportation of cargo under TIR.
  • The cross stuffing of cargo shall be allowed inside seaport terminals only.
  • The inter-port movement of cargo destined for off-dock terminal shall be allowed through licensed bonded carriers.
  • The terminal operator shall be responsible for the integrity, security and proper cross stuffing of the cargo.

The cross-stuffing of transit cargo would facilitate reduction in the cost of transit through Pakistan by enabling the Afghan importers to give up the cargo container of the first instance, and utilizing another container for onward border cross-over etc.

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