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LawPoint’s tri-tab navigation panel allows simultaneous access to contents, keywords, and definitions glossary, without the need to navigate away from the page in view. Legal provisions are presented in distinct, collapsible blocks, which enable ‘one-view’ access to tariff contents, with pop-up styled footnotes and annotations, and additional content blocks for viewing past versions of legal provisions.

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Browse tarrif in tree navigation

View FTA preferential rates in blocks

Auto-complete search bar

Just type in 01 to see automatic filtering and display of all PCT headings having those numerals

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Info modals to access 'respective headings'

Alphabetical index of keywords

Keywords, concepts and product descriptions in alphabetical index

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Statutory and sectoral exemptions

Import Policy Controls

Search through index corelations

See contextual relationships between keywords and their occurrences

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... and tariff notifications module

Search & featured search results

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A new digital experience
to help you navigate the laws

LawPoint content navigation is unmatched and unprecedented in comparison to to the contemporary print resources

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